[whatwg] The truth about Nokias claims

Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) rudd-o at rudd-o.com
Tue Dec 11 17:15:23 PST 2007

Thanks for your research, Shannon.  Quite enlightening.  Show of hands: who 
here believes that the anti-Ogg camp is acting selflessly, with no vested 
interests, and in the best interest of progress and other W3C values?

El Mar 11 Dic 2007, Shannon escribió:
> This is an except from an MPEG-LA press release:
> "Owners of patents or patent applications determined by MPEG LA’s patent
> experts to be essential to the H.264/AVC standard (“standard”) include
> Columbia University, Electronics and Telecommunications Research
> Institute of Korea (ETRI), France Télécom, Fujitsu, IBM, Matsushita,
> Mitsubishi, **Microsoft**, Motorola, **Nokia**, Philips, Polycom, Robert
> Bosch GmbH, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Thomson, Toshiba, and Victor Company
> of Japan (JVC)."
> So lets review the three companies loudly objecting to OGG,
> misrepresenting its status and continuing to fuel this debate:
> Apple: Has heavy investment in H.264, AAC and DRM via iTunes. Known for
> proprietry hardware lock-in.
> Microsoft: Heavy investment in WMV and DRM. 'Essential patent holder' in
> H.264. Major shareholder in Apple. Known for proprietry browser and OS
> lock-in and standards disruption.
> Nokia: 'Essential patent holder' and heavy invester in H.264. Argued for
> software patents in EU.
> Stop believing their lies! Don't you think it's weird that Nokia is
> complaining about patents while simultaneous holding numerous video
> related ones? OGG/Vorbis/Theora are open and as safe as codecs can get.
> Its patent risks are practically non-existent. It has no licensing fees.
> It is easy to implement across all major (and most minor) platforms. It
> is the format of choice - unless you're Nokia, Apple or Microsoft.
> Finally, nobody has mentioned that the licensing terms on H.264/AVC
> state that in about 8 years from now ALL internet H.264 content and
> software becomes licensable. Sites will have to pay to use it. It is NOT
> FREE, just 'on hold' until adoption becomes widespread and enforcement
> more practical. When that happens guess who makes billions? Nokia and
> Microsoft.
> These companies have no right to be distrupting this list and modifying
> the standard to their whims. Their business interests are of no interest
> here. This is a PUBLIC standard, not a proprietry one.
> Put the OGG reference back in the HTML5 draft, exactly as it was, as it
> was originally agreed, as many have requested - AS IS APPROPRIATE!
> Shannon
> shannon at arc.net.au


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