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About acronym and abbr.

Le 14 déc. 2007 à 00:02, Charles McCathieNevile a écrit :
> We could attempt to define clearly the meanings in different  
> langauges,

Recurring discussions in many fora. Languages have different  
definitions for these terms and worse different nesting and  
intersections. Not also that for chinese characters, it doesn't exist  
at all.

on www-html

on esw wiki

On Jukka Website

Jacques Distler

Mark Pilgrim

# French Meaning

* "Acronyme" is a "sigle" that you can pronunce like an ordinary word.
   example: UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and  
Cultural Organization
            SIDA: syndrome imuno-déficitaire acquis  (AIDS in English)
            OVNI: objet volant non identifié  (UFO in English)

* "Abréviation" is a word which has been cut of some of its letters,  
or a sentence of its words.
   example: c.-à-d. = c'est à dire
            km  = kilomètre

* "Sigle": Series of initial letters of words to create a single word.
    example: SIDA, but also CGT

* "Apocope": cutting the end of the word to make it shorter.
    example: télé = télévision
             mat = matin

Not to say that it creates localization troubles. For exactly the same  

    TV in English  => télé in French
    acronym           abbr

And what is supposed to do an automatic translator when translating  
something from English to Chinese for example. Drop the markup for  
acronym in some cases? Example

   <abbr title="telephone">Tel.</abbr>: +86-10-8498-5588

   电话: +86-10-8498-5588

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