[whatwg] time and meter elements

David Latapie david at empyree.org
Thu Feb 8 11:31:05 PST 2007


I have some trouble inderstanding the need for these elements really. 
Especially when considering the example:

<p>Our first date was <time datetime="2006-09-23">a saturday</time>.</p>
Out of sorting all the events that happened that day, it really seems 
weird to me.

(irony below)
I have an idea for another element: <color>

<p>He was driving his parent’s <color>blue</code> car.</p>
Do you see any difference in relevance here? I don’t.

By the way, what about:
<p>He <verb tense="past continous">was driving</verb> his parent’s blue 

<p><name surname="John" familly name="Hopkins">He was driving> his 
parent’s blue car.</p>

Just a little bit more serious
Now that we are going to implement meter, we need the whole of Système 
International: <kilogram>, <ampere>, <Kelvin>, <mole> and <candela> (is 
<time> a good replacement for <second>, I don't know)


OK, now, seriously: what is the rationale behind this?

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