[whatwg] Thoughts on the <hi> element (formerly the <m> element).

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Sun Feb 18 12:51:46 PST 2007

Matthew Raymond wrote:
> I've been pondering a use for the <m> element, and I agree that the 
> highlighting sematics make the name "hi" a better choice.

I strongly disagree.  I think it should remain as <m> or, if people 
really object to using a single letter name (though I don't understand 
why), then <mark> (or similar) would be acceptable.

> | <blockquote>
> |   XForms is a W3C recommendation.
> |   <hi by="Matthew Raymond" title="This comment has no logical basis.">
> |   XForms Tiny is does not conflict with XForms, but WF2 does.</hi>
> | </blockquote>

Interesting.  The concept of specifying who added a particular mark 
using the |by| attribute could be useful for collaborative 

The GPLv3 draft comment page might be a good use case for such a thing, 
but it also has comments a lot more complex than could be done with the 
title attribute.


I somewhat like the idea of the |by| attribute being a human readable 
name; although, perhaps we would need the cite attribute as well to link 
to a page about the reviewer.

Lachlan Hunt

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