[whatwg] Definition list and tables: what's the difference ?

David Latapie david at empyree.org
Wed Feb 21 09:48:44 PST 2007

On Wed, 21 Feb 2007 08:45:14 -0500, Michel Fortin wrote:
> What about nested definition lists like all those found in the HTML5 
> spec? Would you replace them by nested tables or a bizarre 
> organisation of cells using rowspan and colspan? And would it still 
> be intelligible?

Yes and Yes.
Content and subcontent, with relations. CSS shall take care of 
readability quite easily (no border, for instance)

> The difference between a table and a definition list is more akin the 
> difference between a table and a paragraph in my view. The table is 
> mostly about data, the definition list is mostly about text. There 
> are many cases where both could be used as effectively, but there are 
> many others where one makes much more sense than the other.

I don't think one can oppose data and text (no problem for "numbers and 
text"). In the examples you provided, text is data.
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