[whatwg] XTech 2007 and web-app access to device GPS [was:Geolocation in the browser]

Grassel Guido (Nokia-NRC/Helsinki) guido.grassel at nokia.com
Mon Feb 26 22:11:51 PST 2007


I support a more interactive session in addition to the big hall conference
sessions. Subject could be something like: "Web applications access to local
resources - technical, security and usability challenges."

Please give it a try by contacting the chair Ed Dunkin (mailto:
edd-web at usefulinc.com) [1]. Mention me as a supporter if you like.

[1] http://xtech.expectnation.com/event/1/public/content/about

- Guido

On 2/26/07 8:53 PM, "ext Ryan Sarver" <rsarver at skyhookwireless.com> wrote:

> Guido,
> Sounds like a pertinent session -- I'm really looking forward to this
> conference now. Do you know who I should contact to see about a BoF
> session or something similar around Geolocation?
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> Mik, Ryan, all,
> I agree , this is a topic worth discussing in some form at Xtech (and
> why not already start on this list). My Xtech talk [1] provides some
> more motivation why controlled access from a Web App to local resources
> would be very useful, but also poses a significant thread if the
> security is not handled in a technically correct and usable way.
> [1] http://xtech.expectnation.com/event/1/public/schedule/detail/210
> Regards
> - Guido
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>> GPS [was:Geolocation in the browser]
>> Mike,
>> XTech hadn't been on my radar, but after checking it out I
>> will definitely be in attendance. I would be happy to join in
>> on a panel or host a BoF if you think that would help. Let me know
>> rs
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>> Subject: XTech 2007 and web-app access to device GPS [was:
>> Geolocation in the browser]
>> Ryan Sarver <rsarver at skyhookwireless.com>, 2007-02-21 15:31 -0500:
>>> I am the Dir of Product Development at Skyhook Wireless where we have
>> a
>>> Wi-Fi Positioning System - think GPS, but software-only and uses
>>> Wireless APs instead of satellites. We have been working on
>> developing
>> a
>>> plugin for Firefox that gives a website access to the user's
>> location 
>>> via javascript. User's can control access to this information at the
>>> domain level in much the same way they control cookies and popups.
>>> We have been successful in exposing it through the
>> Javascript DOM and
>>> wanted to start talking with standards bodies about coming up with a
>>> standard implementation to make location-aware browsing common
>>> functionality at the browser level.
>> Are you planning to attend XTech 2007 in Paris? I ask because
>> I've had a session on the XTech program that relates in part
>> to enabling web-app access to locating-sensing features on devices:
>>  Web-app access to "sensors" on mobile devices, May 15 at 2pm
>>  http://xtech.expectnation.com/event/1/public/schedule/detail/195
>> It's part of the "Ubiquitous Web Day" that Dave Raggett is
>> chairing there.
>>  http://xtech.expectnation.com/event/1/public/schedule/topic/7
>> Anyway, I've been really interested in getting related
>> discussion going on some mailing lists prior to that (which is
>> what you've already done here :) and in making the actual
>> session an interactive one with a lot of participation from
>> the audience, and in having as much further discussion around
>> it at the conference as we can manage. I've already been
>> talking with a few others, and I think we can manage to get a
>> good number of interested people to show up, so if you can
>> make it to XTech for that, I think it'll be a good opportunity
>> to start to talk face-to-face with others and share ideas about this.
>>  --Mike
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>> Michael(tm) Smith
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