[whatwg] XTech 2007 and web-app access to device GPS [was:Geolocation in the browser]

Michael(tm) Smith mike at w3.org
Tue Feb 27 02:34:57 PST 2007

"Grassel Guido (Nokia-NRC/Helsinki)" <guido.grassel at nokia.com>, 2007-02-27 08:11 +0200:

> I support a more interactive session in addition to the big hall conference
> sessions. Subject could be something like: "Web applications access to local
> resources - technical, security and usability challenges."
> Please give it a try by contacting the chair Ed Dunkin (mailto:
> edd-web at usefulinc.com) [1]. Mention me as a supporter if you like.

Actually, it's Edd Dumbill -- but I think you may have just
coined a new nickname for him: Edd "Dunkin'" Dumbill :)

Anyway, I just talked with Edd about it and it's likely that we
can schedule a BOF session at XTech either in the evening of
Ubiquitous Web Day there -- Tuesday, 15 May -- or in the evening
of Thursday, 17 May. If Tuesday will work for the people who plan
to attend (and if Edd confirms it'll be OK), I think that might be
the better evening for it. If not, I think Thursday will be OK.
(And as far as that Wednesday, I think there's a opening reception
scheduled for that evening.)


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