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Travis Miller greenie2600 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 6 11:24:08 PDT 2007

Hello all -

New list member here. I'm excited to see the W3C moving toward standardized support for web apps.

There are a couple of items I'd like to see in the spec that I haven't seen mentioned. I figured I'd throw them out there for discussion:

1. Slider form controls: for entry of numeric data, or selection of one value among several (e.g., the screen resolution slider in the Windows display control panel). The latter use is, arguably, just a different presentation of a <select> control, and might be better implemented as a style property of that element.

2. Expandable/collapsible hierarchical trees: Every modern operating system of which I'm aware supports this UI element natively, so it would be easy for user agents to implement, and they are very well-suited for representing many kinds of data structures.

3. Tabbed content: Many application dialogs have their controls divided into logical groupings, which can be navigated using a set of tabs. Again, this is something that has widespread native support. Below is some pseudocode to illustrate my meaning. I'm not necessarily saying this is the best way to do this - it might be better to expand the functionality of the <fieldset> element in some way.

    <tab title="General Info">
        <!-- form controls related to this category go here -->

    <tab title="Order History">
        <!-- form controls related to this category go here -->

    <tab title="Billing History">
        <!-- form controls related to this category go here -->


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