[whatwg] getElementsByClassName

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Thu Jul 12 07:08:31 PDT 2007

Dan Dorman wrote:
> Granted, the most common case will indeed be asking for a single class
> name.  But, if we're going to the trouble of accepting multiple class
> names, it seems shortsighted to restrict the parameter for the
> multi-class case to a space-separated string, which is really just a
> kludgey way of representing a list (or array).

I definitely remember that there was a thread about this a while back, 
including the concern that getElementsByClassName("foo bar") might 
erroneously lead people to believe that the class names had to be 
present in that order.

I suggest that participants in this thread reacquaint themselves with 
the discussion in the previous one before having it again.


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