[whatwg] <video> element proposal

Håkon Wium Lie howcome at opera.com
Thu Mar 1 08:04:19 PST 2007

Also sprach Bjoern Hoehrmann:

 > >Opera has some internal expiremental builds with an implementation of a  
 > ><video> element. The element exposes a simple API (for the moment) much  
 > >like the Audio() object:
 > >
 > >   play()
 > >   pause()
 > >   stop()
 > May I suggest Opera does not implement features that are incompatible
 > with SMIL, the SMIL implementation in Internet Explorer, and SVG for
 > no extraordinarily good reason?

I think we want to make video a first class citizen of the web. That
means, IMHO, that there must be a simple way to add video to HTML
pages. I don't think one shoulr rely on other languages for this,
although I'm perfectly happy supporting those other languages as well.
Part of the reason why we could to this so quickly is the work we have
done on SVG.

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