[whatwg] One label: multiple fields

Robert Brodrecht whatwg at robertdot.org
Tue Mar 13 11:26:31 PDT 2007

Elliotte Harold wrote:
> What strikes me about examples like this is that the labels for the
> input fields naturally apply to more than one input field.

I think the main problem with multiple IDs for labels is the usability. 
How would it work and still make sense?

You could, instead, have <label><input type="text" value="82"  title="John
Smith's Home Work 1"></label>, etc.  Assuming research[1] is correct, this
ought to work.  I had originally put the title on the label, but the link
I provided suggests it wouldn't be read.

Also combining that with proper table markup should allow for an
accessible solution for both assistive technologies and sighted users.

[1] http://www.sf.id.au/WE05/forms.html
Robert <http://robertdot.org>

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