[whatwg] Figure without caption (was: Embedding Elements Should be Structured Inline-Level)

Bill Mason whatwg at accessibleinter.net
Wed Mar 14 17:19:40 PDT 2007

Michel Fortin wrote:

> Le 2007-03-14 ? 16:24, Lachlan Hunt a ?crit :
>> Even if figure were allowed to be used without legend, what would  
>> be the point?  That would be no better than just adding an  
>> extraneous wrapper <div> around the object just to work around the  
>> content model restrictions.

As a newcomer still working through the specification, it is not clear
to me that <figure> requires a <legend>.

The content model calls for "exactly one legend element".  But then
several paragraphs later the text reads "The first legend element child
of the element, if any...."

I think this part of the specification needs to more clearly state if
one legend element is required, or if zero is acceptable.

Bill Mason
Accessible Internet
whatwg at accessibleinter.net

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