[whatwg] <video>, <object>, Timed Media Elements

Anne van Kesteren annevk at opera.com
Thu Mar 22 05:45:11 PDT 2007

On Thu, 22 Mar 2007 13:03:24 +0100, ddailey <ddailey at zoominternet.net>  
> As a newcomer to this group, please forgive my ignorance of discussions  
> that, undoubtedly, have already taken place, but as I have been reading  
> these threads on <video> and timed media and <object>, a couple of  
> questions have come to mind:
> 1. why not just include SMIL as a part of HTML, much in the same way  
> that it is integrated with SVG? It is an existing W3C reco.

Reasons for not using <t:video> were that it was 1) complicated and 2) not  

> 2. For content such as XML, MathML, SVG, ChemML... that one would like  
> to embed in an HTML document could there not be some sort of tag  
> (<object> was supposed to work, but doesn't in some browsers) like say
>         <dom data="some.xml" id="D">
> for which the DOM associated with the XML content would be easily  
> accessible through script as with:
>         XMLDoc=document.getElementById("D").getXMLDocument.
> It seems as though external things which have DOMs are quite different  
> that other sorts of media and may deserve their own tag.

This use case is already addressed by <object>:

   <object data=some.xml id=test></object>


Anne van Kesteren

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