[whatwg] One document or two?

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Sat May 26 03:54:56 PDT 2007

Nicholas Shanks wrote:
> Various people have expressed opinions in favour of either one spec to 
> rule them all, or two specs for different audiences. Is not the simplest 
> solution to have two views upon the same spec?
> HTML 5, Full Version (User Agent Edition)
> "<foo> is deprecated and should not be used, but you have to support it 
> anyway."
> HTML 5, Abridged Version (Web Author Edition)
> "<foo> is deprecated and should not be used."
> You can even have them at the same URL, with a pair of radio buttons to 
> toggle between them (which just toggles display: none on a class to hide 
> the unnecessary info:
> "<foo> is deprecated and should not be used<span class="full">, but 
> you have to support it anyway</span>.")
> Since I anticipate 99% or more of people who will read the document will 
> be HTML authors finding out about the new spec, Abridged should probably 
> be the default view.

I think this is definitely the right thing to do.

One more thing: although playing with client-side toggles and CSS may be 
interesting, I think the deliverables should clearly be two different 
documents, with different names at different URLs.

Best regards, Julian

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