[whatwg] setting .src of a SCRIPT element

Jonas Sicking jonas at sicking.cc
Thu May 31 11:43:42 PDT 2007

>> I don't see that being able to reuse elements adds any value. Could you
>> give an example where it does?
> The global eval equivalent is an example. It's not much of an
> improvement over the cloneNode example but I'd like the performance to
> be as close to a plain eval as possible. Ability to switch type,
> charset, language attributes in chosen user agents may be useful for
> things like testing E4X support or ES4 support, or correct broken
> encodings. Ability to execute an external resource again may be
> useful. All of these are already possible however, so I don't think
> they are strong use cases.

If there aren't any strong use cases I think we should go with what's 

/ Jonas

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