[whatwg] title="" attribute

James Jeffery cascadingstylez at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 18 11:21:29 PST 2007

Hi All.

Im not sure if this has already been stated, or if its due to change or remain.

It seems that in HTML 4.01 some browsers render the title attribute in
anchors as tooltips and assistive devices do not read them by default.
Now personally assistive devices should read the values within the
title attribute (of a link) by default.

There was a case this week where a developer had his navigation at the
top of the page. A link from the navigation menu was labeled "My
Project". To someone using assistive devices they would have to read
the the page to find out what "My Project" was related to, afterall
"My Project" could mean: 'My Art Project' or 'My School Project'.

A friend of mine then pointed out tooltip abuse can make it hard for
users who magnify the page to browse the site.

Its seems like a no win situation. Will there be any method in HTML 5
to add extra information to links/anchors that assistive devices can
use? This may be a case for WAI but i thought i would post it here


James Jeffery

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