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Tab Atkins Jr. jackalmage at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 12:16:17 PDT 2008

On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 6:49 PM, Ben Adida <ben at adida.net> wrote:

> We would need 5 new attributes to become valid and reserved for RDFa
> use: @property, @about, @typeof, @resource, and @datatype. It would be
> nice if @rev didn't go away, since we use it, and we also use @rel,
> which already exists (our use of it doesn't conflict with microformats
> or existing ad-hoc approaches.)

The point was made before that html5 already has extensive extension
mechanisms in place that can address the particular needs of various
communities without requiring it to be written explicitly into the spec.  I
know you've said that your team has reviewed the extension mechanisms and
found them lacking, but could you explain why it is insufficient to use
@data-rdf-property, @data-rdf-about, etc.?  I ask about these specifically
because my mail timestamps show that the @data-* class of attributes was
introduced April 10th of this year, while the ccRel submission is dated May
1st, and thus it's very likely that these were impossible to consider during
your review of existing extension mechanisms.

If a couple of attributes are all you need, then it appears that any
discussion about adding RDFa to html5 is largely academic.  You can add
those attributes right now without any permission.  Then we can have a grand
argument about whether or not you actually *want* to do it this way.  ^_^

(This still leaves open the namespace discussion, but that's a separate
issue - one that is possible more emotional, but imo less crucial to the

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