[whatwg] Use cases for Node.getElementById

Calogero Alex Baldacchino alex.baldacchino at email.it
Mon Dec 8 15:47:11 PST 2008

Jonas Sicking ha scritto:
>>> I see the Element interface no more contains methods to handle Attr 
>>> nodes: since those are described as not being child nodes of an 
>>> Element, in W3C specifications, there will be any other way to 
>>> handle attributes as nodes, the 'nature' of Attr nodes is going to 
>>> change, or is there a too little use (and/or support) of them, such 
>>> that the Attr interface might be quite close to its 'end of life'?
>> I'm not sure what to do with attributes. I'd like to drop support for 
>> attribute nodes (being moved around, etc), if possible, but keep the 
>> .attributes list and be able to use .value etc on each attribute.
> Oooh, this is an interesting idea. It'd be great if we could make 
> attributes not be nodes but rather some other type of object.
> Ideally I'd like for them to not exist at all, and have people just 
> use getAttribute(NS) instead. I've never thought that their usefulness 
> outweighed their complexity.
> / Jonas

Effectively, Attrs are nodes, but aren't used as 'normal' nodes; that's 
complex. Perhaps they might have been defined as not inheriting from 
Node since their introduction. If creating two new interfaces, one 
replacing Attrs (perhaps called Attr as well, but not inheriting from 
Node), the other to list attributes (AttributeCollection?), doesn't rise 
any issue on backward compatibility, or it solves more problems than it 
may create, that's not a bad idea. :-)

For sure, getting/setting an attribute as a property of an element, 
through getter/setter methods taking and returning strings is easier and 
perhaps the best choice in most cases, but there might be use cases 
where the possibility to access an element's attributes as a list is 
worth it, so, perhaps, should the drop of Attr be filed for a deep 
analysis and a possible actuation in a successive version of Web DOM 
Core (maybe modifying the Attr interface in the current)?
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