[whatwg] Resolving a URL

Geoffrey Sneddon foolistbar at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 28 09:28:31 PST 2008


Time to send some feedback on the "resolve a URL" dfn.

Step 3 is (currently) "If encoding is UTF-16, then change it to  
UTF-8.". Does this mean we literally change just "encoding" to UTF-16,  
and leave "url" verbatim, or are we meant to change "url" to UTF-8  
too? This is currently ambiguous. Not changing "url" will cause issues  
later in a UTF-16 document.

Step 12 replaces \ with /. IIRC WebKit does this for all URLs, not  
just those with a "server-based naming authority" (what's that anyway?).

Also, earlier in the "Resolving URLs" section, there should probably  
be a ref. to XMLBASE.

Geoffrey Sneddon

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