[whatwg] The <iframe> element and sandboxing ideas

Frode Børli frode at seria.no
Sat Jul 26 04:55:09 PDT 2008

Yes, lets all go back to Word Perfect for DOS and hinder innovation.

Besides, this is not the proper arena for this discussion:)

2008/7/26 Kristof Zelechovski <giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl>:
> A bank sporting a site with a form encouraging the customer to enter
> arbitrary HTML code would be perceived innovative indeed, albeit in the
> Monty-Pythonic sense.  I can envision the logo: "The First Alternative
> Reality Bank".  Hopefully, all its accounts would be run in lindendollars...
> And no wonder it could afford only one employee.
> Chris
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>> Frode Borli wrote:
>>> A bank want a HTML-messaging system where the customer can write
>>> HTML-based messages to customer support trough the online banking
>>> system. Customer support personell have access to perform transactions
>>> worth millions of dollars trough the intranet web interface (where
>>> they also receive HTML-based messages from customers).
>> A few problems with this theoretical situation:
>> 1. Why does the bank need an HTML messaging system?
> Because the bank wants to be percieved as innovative by its customers?
> It is not my place to question WHY somebody need a feature. Why is
> there a manufactorer logo on most cars? It isnt strictly required...
>> 2. Why is this system on the same domain as the intranet web interface?
> Content is submitted from the banks public website - but customer
> support handles the mails in the internal webmail system which may be
> on the same domain..
>> 3. Why do customer support personell have access to the transaction
>> interface?
> Better question: is it good that since html-sanitizing cannot be done
> securely we need more employees?
> If I contact my account manager he most likely have access to perform
> tasks on my account, as well as on other customers bank accounts.
>>> Security depends on on a perfect sanitizer. Would you sell your
>>> sanitizer to this bank without any disclaimers, and say that your
>>> sanitizer will be valid for eternity and for all browsers that the
>>> bank decides to use internally in the future?
>> Well, it's an open-source sanitizer. But that aside, say, I was selling
>> them a support contract, I would not say "valid for eternity". However,
> Then we need client side sandboxing.

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