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Kristof Zelechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
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Please explain why you consider concatenating JavaScript sources dirty.  You
can have a library of all JavaScript definitions relevant to your site in
one source file and I am not sure what is wrong with it, except that a
library should consist of books, but that concept was already broken long




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It seems to me that many of the additions to the HTML spec are there because
they provide a standard way to do something we are already doing with a hack
or more complicated means. CSS sprites are clearly a hack. Concatenating js
files are clearly a hack. Serving from multiple sub-domains to beat the
connection limit is also a workaround. My proposal is intended to approach
the deployment issue directly, because I think it is a limitation in the
html spec itself and therefore, I think the html spec should provide its own
solution. My proposal may not be the best way, but assuming the issue will
be dealt with eventually by some other party through some other means does
not seem right either.


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