[whatwg] Expanding datetime

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis bhawkeslewis at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 31 06:49:58 PDT 2008

WeBMartians wrote:
> Believe it or not, Yes!
> Consider the couple to be congratulated on their gazillionth anniversary. Is that diamond, gold, platinum? Whatever it is, if your
> date time system is limited to epoch 1970, you're out of luck. That's why I claim that restrictions (rigorously documented) are OK
> as long as they are not ludicrous - "ludicrous" being a gray area, rather than a sharp line - 1970 definitely is, 1900 is probably
> OK, 1582 is interesting and far less ludicrous, while -9999 is very safe but maybe ludicrous in other ways (prolepsis, locales...).

For what it's worth, the proposed spec already defines rigorous limits

"Dates before the year 0 or after the year 9999 can't be represented as 
a datetime in this version of HTML."


Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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