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Hi Adrian,

That is actually a very good point, I missed that. In fact, it means that _tab should not be part of HTML spec because it would possibly make things even worse than they currently are (opening GReader links in new "_tab"s in old browsers would lead to losing the opened articles) . I still believe that there should be a way to instruct the browser to open a new tab and the before mentioned CSS3 target-new is probably the best way (if not only one) to go.


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>> From my brief testing, _tab opens a new window so it should be backwards
>> compatible.

It's deceptively close but not quite backwards compatible. _tab will cause
the link to open in the frame called "_tab" and if it doesn't exist it
creates it, as a new window. So the first link works perfectly and opens a
new window but the second link you click will replace the first one since
there is now a frame called "_tab".


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