[whatwg] Proposal: target="_tab"

Kristof Zelechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Wed Jun 11 11:46:53 PDT 2008

You can use A.click instead of window.open.  I have ignored the keyboard
shortcut requirement because it is irrelevant.
I agree that modifying window.open to support tabs would be more consistent;
I just wanted to make you realize that neither is it strictly necessary nor
does it require any support from JS itself (your postulated modification of
the window.open interface method is perfectly suited for the current JS
language, I hope?).

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Hi Kristof,

my knowledge of JS is limited but how would you handle this situation:
in your web app, you want to provide a keyboard shortcut for opening
current item into a new tab. You need to invoke this action from JavaScript
so setting CSS to some DOM element is not enough (AFAIK). I think
window.open() would need some new optional parameter or something similar to
support this.


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