[whatwg] Fwd: nav Element

James Graham jg307 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 13 03:48:19 PDT 2008

Jorge Bay Gondra wrote:
> To the correct list this time...
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> From: Jorge Bay Gondra <jorgebg at tagpoint.es>
> Date: 2008/6/12
> Subject: nav Element
> To: whatwg at whatwg.org
> Hi to all,
> About the nav element:
> I was trying to imaging how it would be to build a site, and I realized
> that, in the case of site with 2 nav bars (typically 2 sidebars) there's not
> a way to specify which is the "main" sidebar and which is accessory...
> What do you think about specifying hierarchy for navs elements?

Arguably the outline algorithm already does this, since it places <nav> elements 
in a hierarchy along with other sections. For any case not covered by the 
outline algorithm I think that there would need to be some very strong use cases 
to add explicit markup here; what kind of UA features did you have in mind, and 
how well would they work if the markup was missing or incorrect on most pages?

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