[whatwg] Geolocation API Proposal

Aaron Boodman aa at google.com
Thu Mar 6 09:39:13 PST 2008

2008/3/6 Brian Smith <brian at briansmith.org>:
>  It isn't. See
>  http://blog.mozilla.com/rob-sayre/2008/02/19/bloaty-parts-of-the-whatwg-
>  html5-specification-that-should-be-removed/
>  In particular, see Ian Hickson's comment. He already acknoledged that
>  this stuff doesn't belong in the HTML specification, and the only reason
>  that the current HTML 5 spec has so much junk in it is because nobody
>  else is writing seperate specs for these features.

I agree with Ian. This stuff doesn't belong in HTML, but this seems to
be a list where a lot of productive discussion is happening about
things that don't belong in HTML. So I thought I'd propose it here
first for feedback.

I'll move the proposal to the W3C WebAPI mailing list.

- a

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