[whatwg] Geolocation API Proposal

Neil Deakin enndeakin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 09:59:47 PST 2008

Aaron Boodman wrote:
> 2008/3/6 Brian Smith <brian at briansmith.org>:
>>  It isn't. See
>>  http://blog.mozilla.com/rob-sayre/2008/02/19/bloaty-parts-of-the-whatwg-
>>  html5-specification-that-should-be-removed/
>>  In particular, see Ian Hickson's comment. He already acknoledged that
>>  this stuff doesn't belong in the HTML specification, and the only reason
>>  that the current HTML 5 spec has so much junk in it is because nobody
>>  else is writing seperate specs for these features.
> I agree with Ian. This stuff doesn't belong in HTML, but this seems to
> be a list where a lot of productive discussion is happening about
> things that don't belong in HTML. So I thought I'd propose it here
> first for feedback.

This specification at http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/ 
wasn't originally about HTML directly, but about web application APIs, 
for which these proposed features would be suitable. However, somewhere 
along the way, that spec became about HTML5 instead and much of the 
content contained in it was no longer directly applicable. The content 
just hasn't been moved elsewhere.

I'm pretty sure that web APIs are still on topic for this list though.

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