[whatwg] Deprecating <small> , <b> ?

Smylers Smylers at stripey.com
Mon Nov 24 09:02:29 PST 2008

Felix Miata writes:

> On 2008/11/24 16:19 (GMT) Smylers composed:
> > So I still think <small> works for denoting that something is of
> > smaller importance.
> I do too, but I don't believe less importance can be the only
> inference. One could simply want smaller text, without expecting that
> inference.

If you just want something to be smaller stylistically and there's
nothing special about that portion of the text then I think using
<small> for it would be as bad as using <h1> just to make text bigger;
CSS is a better choice.

> e.g., just because "fine print" legalese is called what it is doesn't
> doesn't necessarily make it unimportant or less important.

It's less important in the sense that it isn't the point of what the
author wants users to have conveyed to them; it's less important to the
message.  (Of course, to users any caveats in the small print may be
very important indeed!)


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