[whatwg] input type="hidden" and validation

Oldřich Vetešník vetesnik at mrmil.cz
Wed Oct 22 23:50:07 PDT 2008

1. This was intented for the future html spec. I'm sure I'm not the only  
one questioning this issue.
2. Others didn't have any trouble understanding me.
3. This list is open to everyone, I shot out a question and I got many  
replies, so thank you all.

> Reporting a problem you are not sure you have is a good reason to be shot
> :-)
> Besides, general questions are better served at
> <news:comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html>; this list is for your ideas
> regarding the future of HTML.
> Chris
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> napsal/-a:
> I can't really remember at the very moment, but I remember having some
> trouble with it with in my php script. I will try to look into it again
> and let you know where the problem was.

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