[whatwg] "Fullscreenable" and "Mouselockable" attributes

Henry Bridge hbridge at google.com
Tue Aug 4 15:59:21 PDT 2009

With the video tag and web games gaining traction, it seems like there
should be a way for apps to provide fullscreen and better control schemes to
users.  Of course, spoofing and clickjacking are major concerns, but I liked
Alpha Omega's suggestion a few weeks ago [1] to specify a "fullscreenable"
attribute to certain elements that hint to the UA that the object would be
appropriate to consider for fullscreen.  Similarly, for content that uses
relative mouse motion or requires great precision (like a first-person
view), it would be useful to have a "mouselockable" attribute; upon a UA
defined interaction, the mouse would be locked within the particular element
and report relative mouse events until the user disengages the lock.

I can imagine a variety of ways browsers could expose these features:
overloading F11 to gray out all portions of page except those are
fullscreenable; pressing F11 repeatedly to cycle through elements; having a
right click option on fullscreenable elements, automatic hover borders etc.

Any interest or reasons why this wouldn't work?

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