[whatwg] BWTP for WebSocket transfer protocol

Greg Wilkins gregw at mortbay.com
Thu Aug 6 17:59:40 PDT 2009


on the IETF Hybi mailing list there has been some discussion regarding the
protocol that should carry WebSockets.

There was considerable divided opinions about the style of protocol that
would be most appropriate and what level of features should be supported
etc. That conversation ground to a stale mate as I think
considerably different view points were involved.

So it was decided by some to prepare an alternate transport protocol
proposal.   At the very least, this proposal would serve better
illustrate many of the concerns and ideas that are difficult to
express in long email threads.

Hopefully, this proposal may influence the eventual design of the
websocket proposal, or it might grow to become a real contender
as an alternative (which currently it is not - lacking vital
elements such as working implementations and wide peer review).

Anyway, I'd like to invite the participants of this list to
give the BWTP proposal some consideration and review:


I suggest reading the rational page http://bwtp.wikidot.com/main:rational
first before looking at the proposal: http://bwtp.wikidot.com/main:proposal


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