[whatwg] Remove addCueRange/removeCueRanges

Philip Jägenstedt philipj at opera.com
Thu Aug 13 06:14:28 PDT 2009

On Thu, 13 Aug 2009 14:34:55 +0200, Dr. Markus Walther <walther at svox.com>  

> Hi,
> please note that with cue ranges removed, the last HTML 5 method to
> perform audio subinterval selection is gone.
> AFAIK, when dropping support for 'start' and 'end' attributes it was
> noted on this list that cue ranges would provide a replacement to
> dynamically select, say, a 3-second range from a 1-hour audio source.
> So, if cue ranges will indeed be dropped, could browser vendors and
> standards people consider putting 'start' and 'end' back in, just like
> Safari had it for a while (albeit buggy)?

The .start/.end properties were dropped in favor of media fragments, which  
the Media Fragments Working Group is producing a spec for. It will be  
something like http://www.example.com/movie.mov#t=12.33,21.16

See http://www.w3.org/2008/01/media-fragments-wg.html and  

> Actually, out of curiousity: could gapless concatenation of several
> audio objects be added as well, e.g.
> audioObject1.append(audioObject2)
> or even
> audioObject.join([audioObject1,audioObject2,...,audioObjectN)

There has been much discussion about audio "canvas" API:s and I trust this  
could fit into that scope. View source at  
and search for "v2" and you'll find some of these ideas.

Philip Jägenstedt
Opera Software

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