[whatwg] [html5] Rendering of interactive content

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis bhawkeslewis at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 7 10:44:23 PST 2009

On 7/2/09 14:22, Giovanni Campagna wrote:
>      > 5) becss requires "one or more binding languages": it is not
>     necessarily
>      > XBL2, but currently XBL2 is the only one available: are you
>     constraining
>      > the implementation of HTML5 on that of XBL2?
>     The rendering section has no actual requirements in it, so nothing is
>     constrained. Furthermore, nothing requires the binding language used by
>     the UA to actually be a real language, so long as it is triggered by the
>     'binding' property.
> "A number of elements have their rendering defined in terms of the
> 'binding' property" (HTML5, with normative reference to BECSS)
> No BECSS --> no rendering --> no interoperability

The introduction to the rendering section says:

'User agents are not required present HTML documents in any particular 
way. However, this section provides a set of suggestions for rendering 
HTML documents that, if followed, are likely to lead to a user 
experience that closely resembles the experience intended by the 
documents' authors. So as to avoid confusion regarding the normativity 
of this section, RFC2119 terms have not been used. Instead, the term 
"expected" is used to indicate behavior that will lead to this experience.'


So the rendering section imposes *no* requirements on HTML5 conforming 
user agents, therefore the spec is not "constraining the implementation 
of HTML5 on that of XBL2".

Furthermore, user agents are free to use any method they like to mimic 
the suggested rendering, including CSS3 UI where applicable. They don't 
have to use BE CSS at all.

If this is not obvious from the text, perhaps you would like to suggest 
a change to the text that would make it clearer?

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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