[whatwg] Small inconsistencies in video events

Robert O'Callahan robert at ocallahan.org
Sun Feb 8 18:22:31 PST 2009

I was just writing some tests for various events and noticed that there's a
slight weirdness in the events fired for readyState transitions. If
readyState changes from HAVE_CURRENT_DATA to HAVE_FUTURE_DATA, the element
is then potentially playing, and then readyState changes to
HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA, we fire "canplay", "playing", "canplay" again,
"canplaythrough" and "playing" again. OTOH if readyState changes from
HAVE_CURRENT_DATA directly to HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA and the element is
potentially playing, then we fire "canplay", "canplaythrough", and

I think we should fire the same set of events in the same order whether we
transition through HAVE_FUTURE_DATA or not. So, I suggest that a transition
from HAVE_FUTURE_DATA to HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA should not fire "canplay" or
"playing". Also, a transition from HAVE_CURRENT_DATA to HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA
should fire "canplaythrough" after we've handled autoplay and potentially
fired "playing".

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