[whatwg] Two feature-suggestions for HTML5 (forms)

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Wed Jul 1 22:16:52 PDT 2009

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On Mon, 8 Jun 2009, Asser Nilsson wrote:
> There are two things in HTML5-forms that are often made with "Active" 
> Technology like JavaScript, that would be very cool, if HTML5 could do 
> these things without Scripting:
> 1. I've seen this at the online-dictionary dict.leo.org: they made a 
> JavaScript-function, that you can type the word to translate without the 
> text-box marked an the characters get in there. So, you don't have to 
> mark the right textbox before you type, but you can type, no matter to 
> look, if the box is marked. I think it would be a very nice feature for 
> HTML5-forms if this would work without Scripting... E.g. an option for 
> text-fields, that everythins typed on this site is typed into this field 
> (even if it is not highlighted).

This isn't really done on enough sites to warrant built-in support, I 
don't think.

> 2. In search-boxes Javascript often is used for send every written 
> character to the server and the server return search-suggestions 
> "as-you-type". If this is possible without Scripting only with HTML/CSS 
> this would be very cool.

This was possible in a previous incarnation of HTML5, but we removed 
support because it wasn't an especially popular feature, and it turns out 
to have some pretty subtle complications.

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