[whatwg] Plus Signs in Signed Integers

Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky at MIT.EDU
Thu Jun 18 12:30:31 PDT 2009

Smylers wrote:
>   <ol start=H2SO4>
>     <li>Acid test
>   </ol>
> That should cause parsing an integer to abort and so the default of
> start=1 to be used.  Opera, Links, and W3M get that right.  Konqueror,
> Dillo, and Lynx all also seem to manage the aborting, but use a default
> of zero instead.  Firefox parses the "2" out of "H2SO4"

In Firefox, if the string doesn't "look like an integer" we end up 
calling some code that crazy-permissive string-to-integer parsing (which 
in particular skips over "leading garbage").  We plan to stop doing 
that, for what it's worth.

> seemingly using
> the first integer it can find in the attribute, so possibly isn't
> special-casing "+".

There is no special-casing of '+' in the non-crazy-permissive code, 
correct.  That can be fixed, though.


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