[whatwg] [html5] r3316 - [e] (0) A quick introduction to HTML.

Smylers Smylers at stripey.com
Fri Jun 26 01:32:14 PDT 2009

The new quick introduction includes:

  Attributes are placed inside the start tag, and consist of a name and
  a value, separated by an "=" character. The attribute value can be
  left unquoted if it is a keyword, but generally will be quoted.

    -- http://www.whatwg.org/html5#a-quick-introduction-to-html

"Generally will be" seems to be a prediction that the spec doesn't need
to make, and could be seen as a recommendation for authors to quote
attributes even when they're unnecessary.

Could we simply omit that (finishing the sentence at "keyword")?


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