[whatwg] Micro-data/Microformats/RDFa Interoperability Requirement

Ben Adida ben at adida.net
Sun May 10 15:29:53 PDT 2009

Julian wrote:
> You are aware of MNot's "Web Linking" draft
> (<http://greenbytes.de/tech/webdav/draft-nottingham-http-link-header-05.html>),
> and the fact that it seems to enjoy support from the TAG?

Julian, you continue to bring this up as if we hadn't already discussed 
this: there are significant differences of opinion with mnot on whether 
his interpretation of @rel values is correct in prior HTML versions, and 
there are a number of folks who disagree (not just us in RDFa), 
including at least two RECs (RDFa and GRDDL).

The point is: if you assume that @rel="foo" always means the same thing, 
then many folks believe you're already violating the HTML spec, which 
specifically uses @profile to modulate the meaning of @rel, and 
sometimes via another level of indirection.


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