[whatwg] Removing the need for separate feeds

Adrian Sutton adrian.sutton at ephox.com
Fri May 22 03:45:17 PDT 2009

On 22/05/2009 11:36, "Toby Inkster" <mail at tobyinkster.co.uk> wrote:
> Surely this proves the need for a way of extracting feeds from HTML?
> You never see manually written feeds because people can't be bothered to
> manually write feeds. So the people who manually author HTML simply
> don't bother providing feeds at all.
> If an HTML page can *be* a feed, this allows manually authored HTML
> pages to be subscribed to in feed readers.

For this to make sense, these people would also be manually adding new
entries to the top of the page and dropping old ones off the bottom all by
hand.  Feeds aren't used for checking for updates to a page - they're used
to check for updates for a site (or section of a site). There are very few
cases where every item in a feed corresponds to the same page, even where
the entries may be aggregated into a single index page.

Even people who really want to edit pages in plain text editors tend to use
a system like Bloxsom to build those into an overall site, and generate the

Can anyone point to examples where the content is entirely hand crafted and
a feed would actually make sense?


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