[whatwg] Sectioning

Elizabeth Castro lcastro at cookwood.com
Mon Nov 2 15:13:55 PST 2009

In 4.4.11, it says

> Sectioning content elements are always considered subsections of  
> their nearest ancestor element of sectioning content, regardless of  
> what implied sections other headings may have created.

Does that line mean that a section element is *not* a subsection of  
the nearest implied section?

So, if there is no other explicit sectioning content, as in the  
example given, then what would the section element be a subsection of?

I don't get why Thud ends up on an equal level as Quux and Bar. It  
seems like as a section under h2 it should be a subsection of that  
Quux h2, just as the implied Bar section is a subsection of the  
implied Foo section.


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