[whatwg] Date/time field types - min, max, popup UI.

Aryeh Gregor Simetrical+w3c at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 16:44:17 PDT 2009

On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 6:45 PM, Anne van Kesteren <annevk at opera.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 08 Sep 2009 00:40:02 +0200, Sigurd Magnusson
> <sigurd at silverstripe.com> wrote:
>> In looking at the HTML 5, I have noticed an opportunity to provide
>> additional elements to support date and time field types. (Or, if I am
>> mistaken, it may simply be an opportunity to improve documentation of an
>> existing feature).
>> Whereas most field types have a Min and Max attribute, this does not
>> appear to be true of date/time fields.
> What makes you think they do not apply there?

They do, according to this handy-dandy chart:


The UI question is more vexing.  Like a lot of features in HTML 5, how
useful these features will be to authors looks like it will depend a
lot on how consistently good the UI is that browsers implement.  If
even one major browser has bad UI, or if the UIs prove to be
inflexible, that might kill a lot of the interest that many authors
have in using the new input types.

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