[whatwg] article/section/details naming/definition problems

Bruce Lawson brucel at opera.com
Wed Sep 16 01:35:35 PDT 2009

On Wed, 16 Sep 2009 02:08:46 +0100, Ian Hickson <ian at hixie.ch> wrote:

> I'd like to rename <article>, if someone can come up with a better word
> that means "blog post, blog comment, forum post, or widget". I do think
> there is an important difference between a subpart of a page that is
> a potential candidate for syndication, and a subsection of a page that
> only makes sense with the rest of the page.

Seems to me that (current) sections aren't for syndicating (tabs, chapters  
etc), while blog posts (currently articles) *are* for potential  
syndication (although the cite attribute was recently removed from  

A comment in an article is also marked up as article, but is unlikely to  
be a candidate for syndication as it's out of context.

Is this correct?

If so, then it looks to me like article is the correct name - people  
understand syndicating articles - but there would also need to be a  
<comment> element (as that's not for syndication).

I'm not a fan of baking a new element (article inside article = comment  
works for me) but I do get asked at demos why there isn't a comment  
element (and at a live demo last week I typed <article>blah</comment> as a  
Freudian slip).

Perhaps article should be <post>, with the cite element bought back? (Post  
sounds "syndicatable" is my rationale) Then a  comment on it would be a  
nested <post> (one frequently "posts" comments)?


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