[whatwg] Subtitles, captions, and other tracks augmenting video or audio

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Fri Apr 16 14:08:04 PDT 2010

I'm starting to look at the feedback sent over the past few years for 
augmenting audio and video with additional timed tracks such as subtitles, 
captions, audio descriptions, karaoke, slides, lyrics, ads, etc. One thing 
that would be really helpful is if we could get together a representative 
sample of typical uses of these features, as well as examples of some of 
the more extreme uses.

For example, some fansubbed Anime videos have translation subtitles, 
karaoke in the original language and as a phonetic translation, and joke 
explanations all going on on the same screen. It would be good to have an 
example of this, even though it is so extreme that we might not want to 
support it initially.

If anyone has any examples, please add them here:


Links to either videos or stills showing subtitles (e.g. on TVs, DVDs, 
etc) are both good. I'd like to get a representative sample so that we can 
determine what features are critical, and what features can be punted for 
now. This will let us evaluate the proposals relative to real needs.

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