[whatwg] Proposal for a modal element

E.J. Zufelt lists at zufelt.ca
Thu Aug 26 13:12:13 PDT 2010

Good afternoon,

I am wondering if public discussion has been had over the concept of introducing a "dialog" element into html5.

Normally a modal dialog is created using scripting and CSS to restrict focus and activity within the "modal" segment of the DOM and to style the modal section of the DOM to appear as though it is a separate region floating above the remainder of the document.

A modal element type could indicate to UAs that a segment of the DOM is to be treated as active, while the remainder of the DOM is to be inactive.  Focus could be automatically set to the first natively focusable element within the modal segment of the DOM, or could be explicitly set through scripting.  UAs could provide a default style for modals, as they do for other elements, but the developer would normally need to adjust the style using CSS for proper sizing and positioning.

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