[whatwg] Output of web applications

Nikita Popov privat at ni-po.com
Fri Jan 8 06:13:15 PST 2010

I think everyone who uses PHP, JavaScript, a.s.o. knows, that at some 
point the user makes something wrong and you want to throw an error 
("Your email's not valid (MX-Record not set.)") or an information ("You 
have logged in successfully.").

Know I do this using <div id="error"> or <div id="info"> analogically.

As errors or other direct responses to user interaction are not the same 
as some different text, I think there should be a possibility to mark 
them up appropriately.

I first searched in the Spec for some existing elements for output, but 
only found <samp> which is for sample output only.

I don't quite know which element name to use best, maybe:

<output error> / <output info(rmation)>
<output type="error"> / <output type="info(rmation)">
(The question is, what is <output>, error or info?)

What do you think?

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