[whatwg] HTML5 and different versions of the document

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Mon Jan 11 06:59:31 PST 2010

With the change to an unversioned development model, we now have a  
number of HTML5-related specs with different names and versions. In  
particular, the HTML5 spec link on the whatwg.org front page links to <http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/multipage/ 
 >, which used to be called "WHATWG HTML" but now is called "HTML5  
(including next generation additions still in development)".

In my opinion, it would be helpful if the WHATWG had a document called  
HTML5 that largely matched the W3C copy in scope and content, and a  
separate document that included whatever future additions and  
extensions we care to add. Having a matching document in WHATWG space  
would be helpful for a couple of reasons:

- Reduces potential for confusion about what HTML5 is.
- Makes clear what parts of the WHATWG document are also protected  
(via the W3C copy) by the W3C Patent Policy.
- Because the WHATWG copy is currently licensed under much more  
liberal terms than the W3C copy, it would be helpful to have a  
matching copy in WHATWG space to use as a basis for excerpts in  
conformance checkers, implementations, third-party reference materials  
and the like.

Logically speaking, it probably makes more sense for the "current- 
work" URL to point to the latest and greatest unversioned copy, but on  
the other hand many people already think of this URL as pointing to  
HTML5. The HTML5 link on the front page should, I think, point to  
something that actually contains HTML5, with a separate "future  
development" link.


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