[whatwg] XML/XSL attributes - Disposing of vendor specific XSL javascript

Doc drclue at drclue.net
Wed Jul 21 00:37:22 PDT 2010

OK , there is a lot of fanboy-isim for
exciting topics like <video>.

Nothing wrong with that , I think <Video> , <device>
and other topics are worthy subjects.

I do though think that in the rush for the fab
topics that we are ignoring some valuable subjects.

I have suggested in the past that we implement
XML and XSL attributes, but somewhere in the
excitement of other fascinating topics
this humble but incredible suggestion got lost
in the winds.

Currently there are more implemented XML interfaces
on the web than one can shake a stick at, be they news
feeds, the latest tweet , the latest available
product listings, the weather,forum discussions, or
miles of other XML resources.

XSL is an existing standard w3.org template language that allows
the physical formatting of XML data to enjoy many of
the same benefits that CSS affords traditional HTML.

Basically in a bandwidth pressed world , the physical display
of data can be cached just like a CSS file so that
a transmission of data from ones database or other data source
can be totally separated from it's presentation.

This means that many , many applications can be expressed
on the web in but a small fraction of the bandwidth currently
required, with each expression being as customizable as a CSS file.

Currently such expressions while supported in all browsers
all the way back to the likes of even IE6 or less , require vendor
specific code to implement.

The addition of but two attributes tied to existing code within
the browsers would make XML/XSL transforms as much a part of daily life
as font-family is in CSS.

Again , yes I know this is not as exciting as the latest
thoughts on the <video> or <device> elements , but in day to day
development , this proposal will provide a far more common value
in more pages than any other element or attribute

The support of this idea has been great , while the decent
has but proposed that vendor specific code is a great thing.

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