[whatwg] Html 5 video element's poster attribute

Shiv Kumar skumar at exposureroom.com
Mon Sep 20 02:36:44 PDT 2010

>Showing the poster at the end of playback is a matter of taste. How about
we remain with a single 'poster' attribute, and add a 'showposter' attibute,


I agree except for the “start”, “end” and “both” part.


We just need one poster and the ability to show it via script. If people
want to change posters (I don’t know of any site that has support for
multiple posters which would mean that the need is not there) they can do it
in script.


At the moment the poster disappearing and not having the ability to turn it
back on renders the poster attribute useless. But let us not complicate it
by adding more posters J.



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On 20/09/2010 6:11 p.m., Roger Hågensen wrote:

If the user pauses the video during play then a "paused poster" must not be
shown as the user most likely intends to study the paused frame of the video

This is a good argument against having a paused-poster.

The question then is whether the end-poster needs to be different from the
start-poster. If the main use case is "re-display the poster image so the
user knows that they can play again", then the end-poster and start-poster
don't need to be different.

Showing the poster at the end of playback is a matter of taste. How about we
remain with a single 'poster' attribute, and add a 'showposter' attibute,
with values 'start', 'end', and 'both', which denote when the poster is
shown? Or the values could be enumerated similar to how readyState and
networkState are enumerated.

On 20/09/2010 7:57 p.m., Silvia Pfeiffer wrote: 

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 1:38 PM, Shiv Kumar <skumar at exposureroom.com> wrote:

>Could a call to video.load() reset this state?

Currently is doesn’t affect the poster. But would that be intuitive? I’m
getting the video element to load it’s source and so the poster will show?


I regard the load() function as a kind of reset() function. But possibly we
need an actual reset() function to return to the original state where the
poster image is displayed?

It seems reasonable to me that subsequent calls to load() should behave the
same was the first call to load(), so the poster should be redisplayed
whenever load() is called. We should change the load() algorithm to require
the poster frame to be repainted, if it's present.

Chris P.

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