[whatwg] Live video streaming with html5.

Rich Tibbett richt at opera.com
Wed Sep 22 04:11:40 PDT 2010

Henri Sivonen wrote:
>> In HTML5, a URL (or a set of URLs) point at what you want the
>> user-agent to display. From the spec's point of view, you can insert
>> any protocol (that can be described by a URL) in there. You'll need it
>> to be supported by your user-agent, of course.
> In practice, live streaming works with HTTP and either Ogg or WebM in at least Firefox and Opera (maybe Chromium, too), since Ogg and WebM don't require the length of the video to be known in advance.

If you're interested in live streaming from your webcam you should check 
out Ericsson's experimentation with <device> and <video>: 

The toolchain with HTML5 technologies is <device> to <video> to Web 
Sockets. The HTML Device draft [1] is still very much in its infancy but 
hopefully not too far around the corner.

- Rich

[1] http://dev.w3.org/html5/html-device/

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