[whatwg] Full Screen API Feedback

Jer Noble jer.noble at apple.com
Thu May 12 16:50:40 PDT 2011

On May 12, 2011, at 4:23 PM, Robert O'Callahan wrote:

> That only works if the browser can detect a deferral. If the user simply ignores the browser's UI, you wouldn't know when to fire the event. And there's also the issue of a "fullscreendenied" being followed by a "fullscreenchange", which is weird, but I guess we could live with it if it was the only issue.
> Although, if the user simply ignores the browser's UI, maybe the browser could fire the fullscreendenied event when there's next keyboard input or a mouse click into the tab that requested fullscreen. But I just made that up so I'll need to think about whether it's reasonable :-).

Of course.  I was really only talking about explicit user deferral actions; there might not be a good way to solve the problem of "ignoring the notification".  If it's anything like the current Firefox Geolocation notification, wouldn't a click in the non-popup area dismiss the notification?

>> So I'd argue that the case where a page author would have to wait any appreciable amount of time before receiving a "fullscreendenied" event is actually quite rare.
>> For what my sample size of one is worth, when Firefox pops up its passive "This Web page tried to open a popup window" UI, I usually ignore it rather than dismiss it.
> Interesting.  Does Firefox display that message for non-user-action driven pop-ups?  Or are those blocked silently?
> It displays that message for non-user-action driven pop-ups. Popups in mouse click events are automatically allowed (and open a new tab).

Okay.  Assuming Firefox adopts the "Suggested UA Policy" portion of the API, equivalent full-screen window requests would be implicitly denied, so you would hopefully not be spammed by full-screen request notifications quite as frequently.


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